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Day Trips and Sites

Day Trips and Dive Sites

The best part about our Belize scuba diving resort? Our proximity to the country’s two favorite dive sites — the Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye National Monument at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Experience these, and dozens of other locations, on one of Blackbird Caye’s day trips: Our crew will guide you through an impressive day, while prioritizing your safety.

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The Great Blue Hole

Jacques Cousteau named this aquatic sinkhole one of the best dives in the world. It’s about time you saw it yourself.

Quick Facts:

  • Distance: Approximately 17 miles
  • Depth: 130 feet
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Highlights: Stalagmites, stalactites, and sharks

Lighthouse Reef

What the Great Blue Hole provides in mystery, Lighthouse Reef provides in beauty. Explore three exceptional sites along this thriving atoll.

Quick Facts:

  • Distance: Approximately 17 miles
  • Depth: 50 feet
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Highlights: Corals, reef fish, and the red-footed boobie

Witconcrete Wreck

The Witconcrete Wreck is located 0.75 miles Northeast of Blackbird Caye. This once operational sugar ship was deployed to her resting place in the Soldier Caye Reserve.

Quick Facts:

  • Depth: 60 feet
  • Tasa supported Project, one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean
  • 35 years of coral growth on the keel of the ship

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Dive Sites

Turneffe Atoll is home to over 70 dive sites; read on to discover some of our favorites.

  • Silver Caves: Schools of silversides inhabit caves dug into a shallow wall, 20-80 feet below the surface.
  • Long Caye Wall: Tunicates, sea slugs, groupers, and jacks all add color to this medium-depth dive.
  • Majestic Alley: Staghorn and elkhorn corals — and plenty of tropical fish — can be found on this shallow dive.
  • Soldier Caye: Swim amongst pillar corals and moray eels in 30 feet of water.
  • Coral Gardens: Maxing out at 30 feet, this sandy ridge features picturesque, healthy coral formations.
  • Oasis: Plunge down to 120 feet and snap pictures of black corals and sea sponges.
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