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There’s more to the Belize Barrier Reef than the Great Blue Hole. From stunning seascapes to isolated islands, Blackbird Caye’s staff picks take a deep dive into the beauty enveloping our Turneffe Atoll resort — all that’s left is to do is explore.

Celebrate an Entire Month of Independence in Belize

September is truly the month of Belizean Pride! If you are planning a visit to Blackbird Caye in the next few days, it is safe to say you hit the celebratory jackpot. 

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Viva La Villas

The sound of the waves hitting the Blackbird Caye shore is calling to you this summer. Are you and your BFFs planning an active getaway to the Caribbean? Looking for some honeymoon adventure? With two packages to choose from and tropical sleep accommodations- we’ve got you covered.

Bring On The Blue Hole

As lovers of underwater exploration, we spend almost all of our time rewriting and rediscovering our top dive site lists. But, even after all those hours in awe beneath the surface, there’s still one destination that continues to stay in the first position—the Blue Hole.

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Oh “Mayan,” What A Sight To See

The beauty of Belize isn’t fully understood until you’ve seen it firsthand—diving in crystal-clear waters, trekking through immersive, larger-than-life rainforests and witnessing the golden sun settle below the horizon.

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Finally, A Little Elbow Room

At roughly 40 kilometers or 25 miles off the coast of Belize, Turneffe Atoll—home of Blackbird Caye Resort—is pretty far from civilization.

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Colors, Corals, and More: Dive The Aquarium

It may not be as popular as the Great Blue Hole or Half Moon Caye Wall, but no Belizean vacation is complete without a visit to The Aquarium.

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Something to Belize in

From diving, to beach combing, to taste-testing favorite local bites, your escape to Blackbird Caye Resort will be nothing short of amazing. 

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Believe Us When We Say You Should Travel to Belize

Belize is such a dynamic country, there is a little bit of everything for any kind of traveler. In order to hit all of the important points of Belize, you need a plan, and we have just the one for you. If you are traveling with a group of travelers that have various interests, keep on reading! 

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Celebrate Carnaval in Ambergris Cay

Ask any Belizean the best time to visit the town of San Pedro, and undoubtedly they will tell you it is the month of February. Not only is the weather to die for and the crowds less invasive, but we are also rearing up for Fiesta de Carnaval. 

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Deck the Halls at Blackbird Caye Resort

It’s no secret that December in Belize is a delightful time to visit—which is why we wanted to give you the breakdown of all the fun things to do this month. If you find yourself washed up on our sandy shores, it's crucial that you book a winter snorkeling excursion. 

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Can You Belize We Celebrate Thanksgiving Too?

It may come as a surprise, but did you know that Thanksgiving in Belize is as big of a holiday as it is in Canada and the United States. 

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Conch on During Harvest Season

October 1st is a greatly anticipated date around the ocean in Belize. It’s officially conch harvesting season! Pack your flippers and your mask, because Skipper, we are going on a delicious adventure! 

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