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There’s more to the Belize Barrier Reef than the Great Blue Hole. From stunning seascapes to isolated islands, Blackbird Caye’s staff picks take a deep dive into the beauty enveloping our Turneffe Atoll resort — all that’s left is to do is explore.

Can You Belize We Celebrate Thanksgiving Too?

It may come as a surprise, but did you know that Thanksgiving in Belize is as big of a holiday as it is in Canada and the United States. 

Conch on During Harvest Season

October 1st is a greatly anticipated date around the ocean in Belize. It’s officially conch harvesting season! Pack your flippers and your mask, because Skipper, we are going on a delicious adventure! 

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Celebrate an Entire Month of Independence in Belize

September is truly the month of Belizean Pride! If you are planning a visit to Blackbird Caye in the next few days, it is safe to say you hit the celebratory jackpot. 

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The Options Are Un-Belize-Able

We like to take our vacations with a little dose of education. Welcome to Blackbird Caye Resort, where you can relax in a hammock or learn something completely new at your own leisure.

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Colors, Corals, and More: Dive The Aquarium

It may not be as popular as the Great Blue Hole or Half Moon Caye Wall, but no Belizean vacation is complete without a visit to The Aquarium.

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