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The Witconcrete Wreck

the newestDive Site in Belize

Built after World War II for sugar transportation and molasses storage throughout Central America, this now-weathered, rust-streaked concrete ship has sunk off the coast as it takes on another life as Belize’s newest dive site. Drawing the attention of international divers and snorkelers, as well as creating a natural, protected haven for our vibrant wildlife, it won’t be long before this wreck is cemented in our underwater landscape. 

On The Surface

    17° 20’26”N, 88° 11’32”W
  • length
  • min. depth
  • avg. depth
  • TASA-Supported

A Deeper Dive

mystery to find photo witconcrete port facility

Mystery To Find

Joining the same destiny as its sister ship, Wit Concrete II, which was sunk in the US Virgin Islands in 1995, our newest treasure is sure to have tales of its own soon enough.

life to see fishes swimming

Life To See

Expected to attract diverse, vibrant wildlife, from jacks and barracudas to rays and hammerheads, this wreck will be a new thriving destination for life beneath the surface. 

snorkeling picture

Room To Breathe

The Witconcrete’s impressive corridors and easy-to-access compartments mean there’s no shortage of spaces to explore here. 

Grab Your Compass

Planning to rest about 1 minute east of Blackbird Caye Resort, the dive site, called "the oasis" was intentionally chosen to eliminate coral reef impact. The ship is purported to be one of the largest in the Caribbean.


Blackbird Caye, Turneffe Atoll,