What does it mean to be a ‘world class scuba resort’?  How can any resort claim to be ‘world class’ at all?

Well, we can sum it up for you with just two basic points: our unique setting, and the ability to accommodate any level of diver.

Let’s talk about our unique setting first. A lot has been said about the Mesoamerican Reef System and about Belize Barrier Reef, just in terms of how vibrant it is here with an incredibly diverse array of corals, mollusks, fish, and other animals. But even if you put all of that aside and focused just on one specific site, The Blue Hole (aka Lighthouse Atoll) you would have a diving destination worth the trip. Jacques Cousteau – yes, that Jacques Cousteau – made this site famous decades ago. It’s now considered one of the best dives in the world (Lonely Planet) and must be crossed off any diver’s bucket list.

Complimenting our setting is a truly gifted team of PADI-certified diving instructors, able to guide you on a magnificent series of dives whether you’re strapping on an oxygen tank for the first time or for the thousandth. Wanting to go out into the open blue to see some whales? Looking to dive the most challenging reef dives?

Whatever your underwater dream may be, we’ve got you covered. That’s what being a world class scuba diving resort is all about.

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