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If you want to dive in Belize, you’re definitely in the right place! Blackbird Caye Resort is located along the Mesoamerican Reef System – the world’s second largest barrier reef, and the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

As a guest at our dive resort, you will have the chance to see some of the planet’s most diverse aquatic wildlife. There are 70+ spectacular dive sites located near our resort, with only an average time of 12 minutes to reach them, plus, we’re also one of the closest dive resorts in Belize to the famous Blue Hole.

Your Dive Vacation Package Includes:

      • Accommodations: air conditioned, oceanfront cabanas at Blackbird Caye Resort in Belize (price varies depending on the room type selected)
      • All Inclusive: 3 meals daily

Belize Diving:

      3 dives per day, except for arrival & departure days; weight belts, weights, & tanks are included
  • Airport Transfers: round trip ground & boat transfers between the resort & the airport in Belize City on Wednesdays & Saturdays (for travel on other days, a surcharge applies)
  • Kayaking: free use of the resort’s kayaks

What to Expect

If you book one of our resort’s Belize diving packages, our staff of professionally trained, PADI certified dive masters will make every effort to fulfill your diving preferences.

Before your first dive, the dive masters will give you a full briefing on our diving procedures, with your safety foremost in mind, and will check your certification card and ask you to fill out a liability release form.

If you are under directions of a physician and/or taking medication, we advise you to please check with your physician as to whether it is safe for you to dive. As a precaution, please bring a certificate from your doctor stating that it is safe for you to SCUBA.

Here’s what you can expect from the Dive Vacation Package:

  • 3 Dives per Day: each day will begin with an early breakfast at the resort, followed by two single tank morning dives and a single tank afternoon dive. We usually return to the resort in between dives, which allows for adequate surface interval and also time for a snack and a break.
  • 60 Minutes per Dive: before each dive, there will also be a review of the dive site, with a description of maximum depth, maximum bottom time, and direction of travel. In order to complete three dives per day, we limit down time to 1 hour per dive – except for those diving with nitrox.
  • Dive Sites: diving is done as long as the weather permits, and some of the popular Belize dive spots you will visit include:
    • The Elbow
    • Calabash Cut
    • West Side Story
    • CoCo Point
    • Al’s Hideout
    • Oasis
  • Drift Diving: our captain will pilot the boat to you upon your ascent so there’s no tiring swim back to the boat.
  • Valet Diving: the only time you’ll have to set up your dive equipment is after the initial briefing. After that, our resort’s dive masters will do this for you after every dive, including washing down your equipment and preparing it for your next day of diving.
  • Gear Rentals: Blackbird Caye Resort provides weight belts, weights, and tanks as part of your diving vacation package, but other diving equipment rentals are not included.
    • We recommend that you bring your own mask, fins, snorkel, and wet suit for fit and comfort. However, our dive shop has a selection of BCs and regulators for rent, along with masks, fins, and snorkels.
    • Although the year-round average water temperature in Belize is 82° F (28° C), with 3 days per dive, we advise using a dive skin or thin short suit. We rent short 3ml wet suits in a few common sizes at the resort.

*Please Note: the water around Blackbird Caye Resort is too shallow for shore diving.
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