Dive Turneffe Atoll, The Blue Hole and More

Diving the Turneffe Atoll is legendary with vertical walls just beyond the coral reef in front of the Resort. These dramatic walls extend for miles in both directions giving the diver unlimited opportunity to experience large tube sponges, giant basket sponges, purple sea fans, curious reef fish, huge schools of jewfish, permit, snapper and jack and endless varieties of tropical fish. scubadiving is conducted mainly around the Turneffe Atoll with a side trip on Tuesdays to the famous Blue Hole. Turneffe Atoll is 24 miles long by 8 miles wide, with 210 square miles of area, more than 100 cayes and islets and more than 50 miles of fringing reefs. There are over 70 named dive sites around the atoll, 20 of which are  3 to 35 minutes away from Blackbird’s dock.

The dive sites at Blackbird Caye Resort in Belize are considered some of the best in the Western Caribbean which makes it a perfect place to scuba dive. The visibility often ranges from 100 to 150 feet. Turneffe Atoll is the only Caribbean Atoll made up of dozens of mangrove islands which are the juvenile nurseries for coral reefs. So if you are looking for scuba diving lessons to learn how to scuba then search no further than Blackbird Caye Resort!

Comes visit us and let our knowledgeable and fun guides show you an unforgettable experience.

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