“Belize’s newest protected marine area, Turneffe Atoll, is the largest and most biologically diverse atoll in the Americas.”
~Lonely Planet

This beautiful collection of islands we call home is remarkable for its biodiversity, spectacularly beautiful, and– perhaps most importantly to many- home to some of the best diving found anywhere.

What lies beneath the Turneffe Atoll are countless sights to be seen and dives to be experienced; from swimming with all manner of sea creatures from turtles to stingrays and sharks. If you consider yourself a diver, it simply cannot be missed.

If something unique is what you’re after, you could try The Elbow, one of our local sites that attracts divers from the world over. The Elbow is one of the few drift dives along the atolls that are actually a true drift dive – assuming the currents cooperate, that is. It can only be done during calm conditions, and due to the site’s exposure, that isn’t a constant. However, when it can be dived and currents are swift, divers get to experience a drift that attracts the big schools of fish, which in turn attract Caribbean reef sharks; the occasional hammerhead, mantas, schooling eagle rays in groups of up to 40 or 50, and lots of other pelagic life not normally seen in calmer areas. It can be a fast drift, but it can also be the experience of a lifetime.

More than 70 dive sites surround Blackbird Caye Resort, and The Elbow is just one of many worth the trip.

You could dive for weeks on end and not experience them all.

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