Whether they know it or not, The Elbow is why divers go to Belize.

One of the few ‘drift dives’ along the atolls that is actually a true drift dive, assuming currents cooperate, so it can only be done during calm conditions. However, when The Elbow can be dived, with a little help from the currents you’ll see the big schools of fish – and with those big schools of fish come Caribbean reef sharks, the occasional hammerhead, manta rays, schooling eagle rays, and a massive diversity of pelagic life rarely seen in calm areas.

The Elbow is located where currents run along both sides of the atoll convene, making it a fast drift, with the best action over the edge at 60 to 120 feet, where you can look out into the blue and see cuber snapper schools, horse eye jacks, and a kaleidoscope of others.

This is why we dive.

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