Blackbird Caye Resort is home to many species of birds and bird-watching is a favorite past-time for many guests. The Magnificent Frigate is a gorgeous bird that has some very unique characteristics. They’re sea birds and although it spends most of its time soaring over the ocean, it rarely lands or touches water. As they swoop down to catch their prey they do so very swiftly and their bill doesn’t even get wet for the most part. They’re extraordinarily agile fliers and also like to snatch food from others.

The Magnificent Frigatebird is a very large bird about 3 feet long and with an impressive wing span of over 7 feet. It is the only seabird where the male & female species look completely different. The courtship is a production show and takes place in groups. The male inflates his red gular sac, clatters his bills and quivers his long wings to attract females overhead. The female has a white throat & belly and is usually a bit larger than the male. Their breeding period is unusually long and the young are cared for by Mommy for over a year and only one egg is produced at a time.

They can mostly be found south of the United States but sometimes migrate north during the non-breeding season up to the coast of North Carolina.

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