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Blackbird strives to capture positive reviews and feedback from our guests, as we believe in continual improvement. Our staff and management team are satisfied when they know they have succeeded in making your stay an unforgettable one! We would like to thank our guests and we hope to see you again in the future. 

Below is a sample of our guest comments over the years.

“All the staff was friendly, inviting, attentive, knowledgeable AND FUN!! Francisco did a great job! Crab cakes and fish w/ coconut sauce was excellent, More cookies 🙂 Aixa, Ran and Barry where phenomenal. Sam took excellent care of me on all my trips. Cardinal is keen to everything around him. Paul certified Jay, and we couldn’t have asked for 3 better guys. Accommodations were Perfect! Thanks for the hershey kisses on the bed. This resort was fantastic and we can’t wait to come back!! Sam and Cardinal ROCK !! LEO too ! 🙂

Savannah Rcaquet and Jason Owens


“Blackbird far exceeded our expectations. Meals were all wonderful and beautifully served. Couldn’t ask for better dining room and bar service. We snorkeled six times plus and a day at the Blue Hole-Best Ever. Chris is the best guide we’ve ever had-very safe and extremely knowledgeable. Accommodations very nice! All the staff is very friendly and willing to help in any way, Paul is an excellent leader and it shows in how he manages the resort and staff. He is a keeper! Can’t wait to return. Excellent trip and the best snorkeling anyone could ask for-especially with Chris as a guide, Thanks for helping us to make some wonderful memories during our weeks in Belize and at Blackbird Caye!”

Frank and Beth Gatewood


“Had a very enjoyable vacation=resort offered enough activities to keep us busy. Very friendly help! Food was presented nicely; very flavorful and plenty. Good variety of menu and clean. Staff was pleasant – always offering beverages and making sure tables were cleaned efficiently. Chris was Excellent- friendly, always smiling and making sure we were having a good time. His knowledge of the area was superb and contributed to our enjoyable stay. Paul is a very friendly, attentive and efficient manager.He seems to notice every detail in order to make our stay the best. His energy is amazing!”

Cal & Marion Foelgner


“This was a fantastic experience! The diving was beautiful! The staff did a great job. I felt like I was a part of a family here! Thank you!!!”

John Inch


“Staff, managers, guides were very friendly. Mansfield is wonderful! The chef was fabulous, the dinner meals were perfect size, deserts good.The service in the dining room and bar were very very good!! Chris was great, very knowledgeable. Took us to beautiful snorkel sites. Accommodations were very good. Wonderful staff!”

Tom & Cindy


 “I need to come back! Food was the best! Kudos to mansfield! (Can I take him home? just kidding….) Service in the dining and bar was AMAZING! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They were open to any questions we had about the resort and culture of Belize/Blackbird Caye. The rooms were very well-maintained with adequate linens. Everything was easy to plan and everything went smoothly. Just keep doing what you guys do.”

Faith oh &  Janice cha


“Almost too much food. Everything was absolutely wonderful. Would like to have had the full staff show us last night so we could have seen all and thanked all of them personally for all their work.”

Becky and Rodger Stewart


” The stay at Blackbird Resort more than satisfied our expectations. Nice and relaxing! The food was excellent. Honestly better than we were expecting and we left full each time. The dining room and bar were great – highly recommend Berry Awesome Bartender. Joe was Awesome- He took us to amazing places and was an excellent guide with a lot of humor. We arrived everyday around the sometime (my nap time) got us what we needed. Everyone here was pleasant including Paul. Highly pleased I could come to such an amazing place to get away from the everyday grind. Love it!”

Hollie Mitchell and Michelle Rubin


“It was an amazing experience! Paul and the staff do a great job making you feel at home.”

Jesus and Juliana Diaz


“This stay was beyond phenomenal to us! The best dive trip yet. We will highly recommend this place to others! We were very pleased with each meal. We were never hungry, the snacks were always right on time! Very good! All the dining room/bar staff were always right there to serve/clean up. The dive staff was very accommodating to everyone’s needs. We had an amazing time with our crew! Our room was always kept up, beds were made nicely, towels were always kept up, beds were made nicely, towels were always folded/replaced. Always very friendly people, from the management, dive crew, and bartenders/waiters/waitresses. The staff went above and beyond to make us comfortable. We enjoyed each day and will hopefully be able to return and see some of the same staff!”

Mr.Anthony Tyrone Wilson and Ashley Wilson


“My stay at Blackbird could not have been better!  The staff went out of their way to give us custom service.  I enjoyed the kayaking and I learned to snorkel thanks to the incredible patience of Cardinal and Chris.  They literally took me by the hand and directed me until I finally felt comfortable snorkeling on my own.  I was a little anxious about snorkeling due to my past history of asthma.  They made me feel right at home, and I relaxed.The food was excellent, and I met a few new friends.  The weather, always a wildcard, was just fine and it permitted me to do everything I wanted to do.The experience exceeded my expectations (which were high), and I truly had a unique experience.  This was the first time that I stayed at such a resort, and I’d love to do it again as soon as my bank balance recharges!”

Marilyn Ross


“On a serious note, I’d like to add that Blackbird has the best staff anywhere.  As gorgeous as the resort is, the biggest selling point is your staff.   My husband is not a water person even t hough he liked the resort so I feel very safe travelling there alone.  All the younger staff treat me like I’m their mother or grandmother and take good care of me as I am a bit disabled with arthritis and 2 bionic knees.    You also draw other really nice guests so it is truly a wonderful vacation for me.    Most of my contact has been with Chris and some with Too Sweet who truly are the best.  Chris has been very sweet, pacing the snorkel with my ability and diving down and bringing up lobster and other critters that I can’t dive down to see.   Everytime I’m there and sitting in the boat with the other snorkelers, someone brings up how nice Chris is.     He is often the topic of “greatest snorkel guide and young man on the planet”   My contact with your other staff has been a similarly nice experience.   I bring this up because your staff is what keeps me coming back and I don’t know if other guests tell you how nice they are.  One other thing,  last time my bracelet came off and ended up in the folds of the bed sheets and i didn’t see it.  It wasn’t too expensive, but had great sentimental value and the resort housekeeper (not LInda) actually found and returned it. I thought that was so honest.  Anyway,  I don’t know how often people compliment your staff, but they are wonderful and I have heard many good comments from the other guests.”

 Linda Mitchell


“I hope to return and bring other friends and family. This is an awesome resort and a real treasure in Belize! Thank you! Cardinal and his staff are exceptional. I felt very comfortable diving here as great care was taken of all of us. Staff was always happy and attentive. Wonderful! Always exceptional service from every member of management and staff. felt valued. ”

Susan Hamilton


“The dive staff was great at adjusting to provide an exceptional experience when winds and seas were too rough on the east side. I like the flexibility they had to make the diving as enjoyable as possible.”

Thomas & Rosa De Vincentis


“Wonderful atmosphere – great balance of efficiency and relaxed environment. Delightful food-liked the local choices. Good breakfast and yummy deserts. Conch/shrimp stir fry so good! Aixa is gracious calm and does a beautiful job. Dive staff is the best ever. Cardinal is marvelous, knowledgeable, observant and committed to safe and enjoyable diving our whole boat crew was great. Andre and Chris too. The staff really made this a great week.”

Marian Minor


“Loved the room (#7) near the ocean! Opened the windows and slept with the breeze. I really enjoyed the food, variety, spices, portions. The best staff  I have experienced in 14 years of diving. Really appreciated Cardinal’s attention to detail. Blackbird is such a friendly and unspoiled place. Love it.”

Judith Dueker


“Wonderful Place, Utopia in the atoll, Everything was beyond expectations. Will refer others to blackbird. Made our 50th B-day Bash Perfect. Thank all of you so much!”

Kevin, Alan, Don


“Just had a great time”

Dave Riatti


“Cardinal on the dive boat was fantastic, attentive, aware of everything and most of all incredibly safety minded-BRAVO!  Staff and management always , always, always a delight!”

Mark Freedman


“It was good to taste your local foods. We enjoyed them! Especially red snapper supper!! Personal touch requests. The staff was more than attentive. Explained so well and I felt safe always. Especially liked the personal touch! Well communicated.  Staff and management listened to each requests and tried to make our stay extra special. All phone calls; arranging etc. had such a personal touch to it and especially concern for our health and well being!  Love that you got Belizean music as I requested! Appreciate it!”

Wendy & Rudy Wiens


“This is without a doubt somewhere I would love to return with my family as a dive destination.”

Danny Kirsic


“You can’t make better meals, almost too much food. Loved coming off the water and grabbing a beer and bites of appetizers before cleaning up. Loved the welcome “bouquet” on the beds. A/c WORKED GREAT. Aprreciated everyone working hard to remember our names. Cabin 6 has internet that was a bonus. Thank you for your hard work.”

Klay Shorthouse


“Great staff , cook, waitress, crew, managers. Chris did a great job. I’ll return in 2 or 3 years on next trip to recommend this staff and management. Chris – super job! Staff and management friendly and attentive. Looking forward to returning. I like the small size allowing guests to know one another. Great snorkeling with Chris and chats with Eli and Vidal. Waitress friendly and prompt. Remembered smaller portions and no ice water. Great to have tasty snacks at 5.”

 Linder Jeker


“Did not know what to expect so we were pleasantly superised with the accommodations. Food variety was good. Really happy with the new clothesline and hammock. Very happy with the staff here- loved out cottage and completely enjyed snorkel and scuba. Felt safe and anjoyed the conservation effort and lecture.” Very good experience.”

Elmer and Diane Engman


“We didn’t know exactly what to expect – but it is a wonderful dive resort! Its well maintained, the entire staff is wonderful the place is comfortable and the food is great. The kitchen staff – Leita, Godfrey, Delia, and Aiaxa are all fantastic. The food was superb, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. In particular, the staff responded instantly to my request for a recado dinner, a curry dinner, and others. Vidal is a great bartender, he lights up the room with his smile and is a really great guy. Aixa was excellent – catering to our every need. Cardinal a known great and highly regarded dive master, is also an excellent boat captain-he fearlessly piloted our craft to the high seas. Andre is great at leading dives, he pointed out many things we would have otherwise missed. The room staff were like ghosts-we never saw them and our room was always perfect when we came back from our dives. The entire staff is great, and lead by the excellent managers.”

Bill hermanson and anne clark


Mansfield, Dehlia, and the other cook made very delicious meals, we never went hungry. The conch fritters were awesome- Thank you all! The waitress was very attentive and provide excellent service. Roberto was always so kind and called us by name and he provided excellent service too. We can’t say enough about Chris! Not only was he kind and thoughtful, but he also knew his job well- He always knew where to go see fish and we had complete confidence in him. He made our stay memorable. All hard working employees make this a great place to visit.

Mrs. Marilyn Harris & Danny Harris


You have a wonderful resort! Diving sites were outstanding ; staff very friendly!THANK YOU – someday I will return! Special Thanks to Leticia, Max, Bo, Cardinal & Leo! 🙂

Bill Rademaker (Fathom Group)


The friendliest staff at any resort we’ve stayed at!

Ron & Rebecca Price


Amazing food! Food and People were top notch! Loved the staff  – Eli, Max, Bo, Tray , Leo, Cardinal. Loved the location and villas. We will be back! Thanks for creating family memories!

The Chatenay’s 


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