An important part of any vacation is the food. Sure, you may be here for the diving – or the remoteness, the solitude – but at the end of any day you need to eat. Luckily, our food is as good as our diving, and visitors are in for a real treat as they experience the flavours of Belize during their stay.

Our Palapa-style restaurant, aptly named ‘Blackbird’, sits facing the main dock of our resort. It is with this beautiful, timeless view, surrounded by the subtle Caribbean sounds of Turneffe Atoll, that guests can enjoy three delicious meals a day. Both breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, so you always get the exact amount you want to help you on your day of relaxation or adventure.

Dinner is a slightly different affair, served at your table with a choice of entrees. The menu varies, including Belizean cuisine as well as international dishes, but is always authentic.

The flavours of Belize await you.

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