At Blackbird Caye Resort we pride ourselves in our work to help protect Turneffe Atoll. With a structured Best Practices Operation we work to minimize potential environmental impact while at the same time doing our part to help maintain and preserve the natural surroundings whenever possible. It’s an important task that is vital to preserving the wonder and beauty of nature for future generations.

But it isn’t enough to simply have environmentally-friendly practices – it’s also important to make sure that guests can see those practices in action, which is why we host a series of Environmentally-Friendly Activities, including guided expedition kayaking, as well as having nature trails, an environmental education center, and an on-site marine biologist.

Learning about nature, about Turneffe Atoll and its wondrous non-human inhabitants, about the Mesoamerican Reef System – this is all key in understanding our place and impact in this world.

The next time you visit, when you find yourself in-between dives or thinking of spending a day by the pool, try out a nature walk or maybe head out for a kayaking expedition. It’s worth it!

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