A hole in the ocean: that’s what Lighthouse Atoll – better known as the Great Blue Hole – is best described as. But how did it get here? Why is it all alone? What caused it?

The beauty of having a natural wonder nearby is the continued sense of uniqueness, of beauty and mystery surrounding it. Why in this corner of Belize of all places did nature decide to create such a magnificent and mysterious geological anomaly?

Perhaps the mystery is better than knowing the truth: that untold ages ago, The Blue Hole was once an island. During the ice age, just a few thousand years ago, the limestone below the island dissolved, hollowing out the island itself until its eventual collapse into a sinkhole. After the ice age ended and sea levels rose, flooding the hollowed-out island, the Blue Hole as we know it was formed.

Whether geologists have it right or not, what we do know is that we have one of the top diving sites on planet Earth just off our shores, worth crossing off the bucket list for any aspiring diver!

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