We’re counting down the days here at Blackbird until we open our doors, but in the meantime lets get excited for your next Caribbean trip – lets talk about Belize!

Belize has been in the news a lot of late. Simone Biles, one of the United States’ most celebrated Olympians at Rio 2016 recently said that she considers Belize to be her second home.  Apparently, she loves the beach:

“Belize, for me, is all about the beach. My family and I spend most of our days hanging out by the water, but I don’t like to lie out and relax. I go swimming, which I love because the water is so beautiful and so clear that you can see all the fish underneath.”

The water in Belize lives up to the hype. We have some of the best and most unique diving found anywhere on the planet. At the top of many of those lists you’ll find The Blue Hole, aka The Great Blue Hole or Lighthouse Atoll. Ranked #4 on World Traveling Guide’s Top 20 Wonders of the Underwater World, we can’t help but notice that they used an image of The Blue Hole for the very top of the feature!

A couple more reasons to pick Belize as your next destination. We look forward to hosting you soon

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