Belize Diving, Snorkeling, The Blue Hole and More


Feel like staying active in the afternoon and taking in some fresh air, but want to stay dry? Just between the office and the High Tide Bar we offer the perfect spot for some beach volleyball. Invite your friends to a game and let the fun begin. Just ask the island manager and he will set you up with all you need to enjoy this favorite pastime.


A total of 10 suborders, 21 families and 75 species of terrestrial birds have either been sighted on, or are anticipated to frequent Blackbird Caye. Some 14 of these species are resident year round on Blackbird, among which only 5 are common; while 61 are transient or migratory, which only 33 are common. The status of some of the birds that utilize Belize’s lowland, broadleaf, littoral and mangrove forests are described below:

The Snail Kite although more common in swampy mainland habitats, it is an occasional transient species that are typically seen spending the day retrieving and eating snails from a single roost.

Osprey have been observed to reside and roost at 2 nesting sites on the northern portion of Blackbird Caye, on tall bare trees within the cay forest canopy of the island.

The Black Catbird is a permanent resident of coastal forests that is known from the mainland and a few of Belize’s larger Cays, where it inhabits Caye forests.

The Ruby- Throated Hummingbird is famous for its solo-migrations from Yucatan Mexico to Florida in the USA, and is an occasional migrant to Blackbird Caye that may be seen in coastal scrub forests, on its way south in autumn, and then out again in spring.

The threatened White Crowned Pigeon utilizes the canopy within the littoral forests of Blackbird Caye but leaves the caye in winter months for adjacent coastal mainland forests.

Bird watchers at the resort also enjoy a day trip to Half Moon Caye National Monument. There, half way across the island, is an observation tower that puts visitors on top of the tree canopy and right in the middle of an active booby frigate bird rookery. Courtship, nesting, and feeding behavior can be observed at close hand.


Have you ever wondered what the buzz is about diving? How about signing up for our Discover Diving course while at the resort? This course is the perfect way to get your feet wet, no pun intended! You will learn the basics of diving via the video and then proceed to practice what you learned in the pool. You will experience breathing underwater and then get to go diving up to 40’, all with the guidance of our experienced and certified dive masters. The course also counts towards certification if you are interested in continuing with your certification.


Visitors can explore the island to observe marine life, tropical plant life (much of which is labeled), the reef and the mangrove jungle. Footpaths and miles of undeveloped beachfront welcome the guests seeking nature and soft adventure. Blackbird Caye has the largest crocodile population in Belize.


Two miles of oceanfront access is available for guests who wish to squeeze-in some paddle-boarding into their vacation. What better way to get in your work out, practice your balance, work on your tan or just simply paddle around the beautiful waters of Blackbird Caye than on a paddle-board? Our complimentary paddle-boarding is a hit among guests who love the outdoors while staying in shape.

  1. You must wear a life vest at all times.
  2. Know your limits and stay alert.
  3. Know the weather, check with the dive masters on conditions for the day.
  4. Paddle with a partner if possible, it’s more fun and safer.
  5. Wear lots of Sunscreen.
  6. Stay well hydrated.


Ready for pure relaxation in paradise? Enjoy your down-time by the poolside, take in the beauty of the area while enjoying the breeze, take a nap on one of the comfortable lounge chairs, work on your tan while sipping on your favorite cocktail or finish reading that book you have been trying to but haven’t found the time to accomplish this. This is your vacation, this is your time!


Blackbird Caye welcomes groups! We are not only a great fit for dive, snorkel or expedition kayaking groups but also for family reunions, dance, yoga, weddings or any other specialty groups. Participants will find an environment formed most entirely of natural surroundings free of city distractions and technology interruptions. While we are on a remote island atop one of the most beautiful reefs systems of the world we offer complimentary Wi-Fi to help you stay connected, hot running water, 110v electricity and A/C as well as ceiling fans in all of our oceanfront cabanas. Be ready to hold your meetings, do your yoga practice, share a family celebration or meet with your business partners while enjoying this amazing backdrop of unspoiled beauty that you will find both above ground and underwater.

Meeting Space – There is a total of 3 common areas that will accommodate up to 45 guests.

  • We offer the enclosed Palapa Restaurant.
  • The semi open High Tide Bar, hovering over the water with spectacular breeze and views.
  • The covered Pool Deck area.

These areas are all unique thus giving group guests’ options on how they want to conduct their meetings. Audio Visual is available upon request. Blackbird Caye is the perfect facility to complement the expanse of unspoiled natural waterfront living with a group meeting or retreat.

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