7 Reasons why Turneffe should be on your bucket list.

Over 60 species of birds

The Turneffe Atoll System is the largest atoll in the Caribbean. That statement alone should be reason enough for you to put it on your bucket list of things to do when scuba diving in Belize.
What are 6 other good reasons?

1.    It offers the BEST diving in Belize:  The atoll is full of mangroves and sea grass flats which act like feeding grounds for sea creatures.  It is full of a vast variety of exotic fish, such as the rare Whitespotted Toadfish.  You will also come across several other endangered species of animals such as the Antillean Manatee who only breeds in this atoll system.  The salt-water crocodile is another endangered species found there.  It is believed that there are currently between 200 to 300 animals there.

2.    Onshore, Turneffe is home to over 77 vegetation types and over 60 species of nesting birds, most of them also on the endangered list.

Swim with dolphins

3.    Who does not want to swim with dolphins?  In Turneffe you will find schools of bottle-nosed dolphins that are just as happy to swim with you.  This wildlife sanctuary is the place where they
come to feed, as well as to nurse their calves.

4.    The atoll boasts of at least 60 known scuba diving sites and 200 cayes within the reef.  So no matter what your level of diving expertise is you will find a spot where you will feel comfortable and safe.

5.    Since the atoll is approximately 25-30 miles (40- 50 km) offshore, the water is always clear and allows you visibility of at least 100 feet (33 meters) and up to as much as 150 feet (46 meters).

6.    160 miles (258 km) of walls and reefs makes this Belize diving spot a location where you will find yourself isolated from the masses of divers found in other sites.

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