Spectacular Diving in Belize

It’s hard to beat the Blue Hole for spectacular and diverse diving, but Half Moon Caye — an island within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll system — is a strong second. The trip from the Blue Hole to south-eastern point of the atoll is staggeringly beautiful; imagine slicing through 10 foot (3 meter) crystal clear waters in the middle of the ocean. The Lighthouse Atoll boasts an unbelievably diverse abundance of wildlife, and is therefore one of the most popular Belize dive sites.

After arriving, divers head towards Half Moon Wall, one of the most popular dive sites in Belize. It is one of the few places in the region to spot eels and the reef is packed tight with groupers, toadfish, razorfish, yellowtail snapper, and pelagic species. Spotted eagle rays and mantas also appear out of the blue so keep your eyes peeled.

Above water, you will catch a glimpse of the red-footed boobie — a rare bird that resides on the atoll, the largest nesting site in the world. Once the dive is completed, guests swim back to dry land to have our legendary BBQ — cooked by our very own chef using the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces, is guaranteed to fill hungry bellies after a day’s dive. The chicken, fish, and vegetables are gently roasted over hot coals for the fullest flavour. Our underwater Belize tour is certainly the most delicious out there!


After a mouth-watering feast, the third dive site awaits: The Aquarium. The dive site is located within the Lighthouse Atoll and lives true to its name: the area is bursting with aquatic life with an abundance of schooling fish from School Master Snappers, Creole Wrasse, Queen Angelfish, Banded Butterflyfish and Honeycomb Trunkfish.

Renowned for its crystal clear waters — with visibility up to 80 ft (24 meters) — the site plummets to depths of up to 50 feet (15 meters). The Aquarium is reachable by boat, 13 miles east of Turneffe Atoll, to the north-eastern corner of Long Caye.

Here at Blackbird, you won’t find a more safety conscious dive crew — as a remote resort our standards are incredibly high. We always go one step further to ensure your safety.

Large groups are welcome — the most people accommodated on one trip was 33, on top of nine crew. Check out the website for further information about our epic excursions: http://www.blackbirdresort.com/