Belize Scuba Rental & Instruction Rates

Dive or Get Certified

Rental Equipment
Reservations are required for all rental gear and instruction courses.

Rental Equipment
Per Day
Per Week
Regulator (Includes Octopus, SPG and Inflator)
Wet Suit
Dive Light (with batteries)
Dive Computer









Instruction Courses

DSD/ Bubblemaker
Refresher $125.00
Scuba Diver
Open Water Diver
Open Water Referral
Open Water E-Learning
Advanced Open Water
Advanced Open Water (Nitrox)
Adventure Diver
Speciality Nitrox
Deep Specialty











*See Instructor for Additional Specialty Courses Offered*

Private Boat
Per Day
Includes: Captain, drinks, snacks, and choice of location.
Note: Subject to availability, weather and location within 10 miles of the resort.


Private Guide
Per Day

  • Notification by e-mail at least 3 weeks before arrival.
  • Choice of your own personal guide to accompany you on resort
    scheduled dives/snorkel trips.
    Either 3 dives per day or 2 snorkel trips per day.
  • Private boat available for an additional charge and subject to availability.

All activities, rental equipment, and instruction are booked and payable at the resort via travelers check, cash or credit card. Please note, Blackbird Resort is not responsible for credit card conversion rate fees.

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