PADI Courses & Certification

Get Your Scuba Diving Certification in Belize

If you’ve never dived before, or are looking to advance your abilities, there is no better place to take a course than at Blackbird. With world renowned dive sites just beyond our shores, we invite you to see the best of Belize under water.

As a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) facility, we offer all PADI training courses, from OpenWater Certification to Divemaster. Common among vacationers is PADI Discover Scuba Diving, or Introductory Resort Course. This offers non-divers the truly exciting first-time experience of scuba diving in a safe and beautiful environment.

The Referral Course allows guests to take the classroom portion of their dive training at home before coming to the resort, so that your time in Belize can be spent in the water. Or, if you are a certified diver but haven’t been diving for a while, take the Refresher Course. A resident Divemaster will brief you on safety procedures and do simple, shallow dives with you to help you re-gain your confidence.

Whether you’re a first time diver or wanting to learn more, we look forward to working with you and showing you all there is discover underwater! A few of our more popular certifications include:

Open Water I Certification 

Course Fee:Age Requirements:Certification:
$475 + equipment rental12+Not required

This is our most popular dive course, and the main course for becoming a diver. The certification is recognized around the world, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The course typically takes around 3 or 4 days, with 2 days dedicated to the theory portion of diving, and the other 2 days getting acquainted with the scuba gear in the water. You can now complete the theory portion of the certification process online at so that your time in Belize is spent in the water, and not writing exams!

Advanced Open Water Diver

Course Fee:Age Requirements:Certification:
$420 + equipment rental12+ (young divers may be restricted in Adventure dive selection)Open Water Diver

This course is designed to advance your diving with five Adventure Dives. Two dives are required: deep and under water navigation, where you will learn to manage the physiological effects of deeper diving, and learn about compass skills, the use of landmarks and time. Your other three dives are based on your area of interest and could include underwater photography, exploring wrecks, identifying marine life, and much more. Take your diving to the next level to further explore the world under the sea.

PADI Enriched Air Diver Course

Course Fee:Age Requirements:Certification:
$250 + equipment rental15+Open Water Diver

This is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba diving course. During a learning session and two dives you will learn about managing your oxygen exposure, analyze your tank’s oxygen content, and set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox. Why dive with enriched air nitrox? It increases your no decompression dive time, meaning you can spend more time under water and get back into the water sooner between dives.

PADI Digital Underwater Photography 

Course Fee:Age Requirements:Certification:
$250 + equipment rental12+Open Water Diver

Underwater photography is a popular diving specialty. With all the digital cameras and technology available, divers want to capture their underwater experiences now more than ever. This course includes two dives over 1 or 2 days. With your PADI instructor you will learn practical techniques and skills for excellent photographs, such as photo composition and the PADI SEA (Shoot, Examine, Adjust). Whether you are using a simple point and shoot camera or a professional dSLR, this course will teach the basic principles of underwater photography. Divers need to bring their own camera, or a camera can be rented from our shop.


Course Fee:Age Requirements:Certification:
$1508+Not required

This course is designed just for kids! Now they can have a scuba diving experience with child specific equipment. For 2-3 hours children will be closely supervised by a PADI instructor in a swimming pool no deeper than 6 feet. No prior experience is necessary, but we do require that children are comfortable in the water. Children will get to use scuba gear to swim around while breathing underwater, and play games. This is a great introduction to diving and kids love it.

Other courses and certifications available include:

  • Discovery Scuba Diver
  • Scuba Diver
  • Refresher Scuba Diver
  • Referral Scuba Diver
  • Adventure Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Open Water E Learning
  • Advanced Open E Learning
  • Deep Specialty

Please note you must be a certified advance diver to dive the Blue Hole or any sites that are deeper than 60 ft. Our resort offers advanced training for those who would like to become certified prior to taking part in the deeper dives.