The Aquarium dive site is located within the Lighthouse Atoll and lives true to its name: the area is bursting with aquatic life with an abundance of schooling fish from School Master Snappers, Creole Wrasse, Queen Angelfish, Banded Butterflyfish and Honeycomb Trunkfish.

Blackbird will transport guests

Renowned for its crystal clear waters — with visibility up to 80 ft (24 meters) — the site plummets to depths of up to 50 feet (15 meters). The Aquarium is reachable by boat, 13 miles east of Turneffe Atoll, to the northeastern corner of Long Caye.

First Blackbird will transport guests out to Turneffe Atoll, the largest and most biologically diverse atoll in the Western Hemisphere. After diving/snorkelling the wonders of Turneffe, guests are whisked off to Light House Reef Atoll, 13 miles (21 km) east.

It is difficult to reach unless you possess a very fast speedboat and the local knowledge needed to navigate the seas. Luckily Blackbird has both in spades, so if diving the Blue Hole has ever been on your bucket list, we can take you there.

Crystal clear turquoise waters

The trip is breath-taking as the boat glides over 10 ft (3 meters) of crystal-clear turquoise waters — in the middle of the ocean. If lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of the red-footed boobie — a rare bird that resides on the atolls.
The Aquarium is well defined with long coral ridges and sandy canyons that run perpendicular to each other, beginning shallow before dropping off into the depths.

Strong currents often flow across the reef so divers are advised to work carefully with the dive masters — the currents generally sweep across the reef from the east. However, these flows of water can be utilized by divers, who are able to drop down to the west and be effortlessly pulled along to east before rising and returning to the boat.

Varied and colourful species

Crinoids (aka Sea Feathers) inhabit the Aquarium and are visible during the day. Their orange, featherlike arms are often fully exposed while their small body remains attached beneath the coral formations — in other locations, Crinoids are not so common.

Fish are also varied and colorful at this site. If you look on top of the reef and in the dividing channels, you can find the a wide range of diverse wildlife, including Parrotfish, who graze on the algae patches that mantle much of the reef top.
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