If you like bird watching, it’s hard to find a better locale than Turneffe Atoll.

Just 32km (20mi) from Belize City, Turneffe Atoll is home to more than 60 species of birds during the height of the migratory season, including 18 species of nesting birds.

To say that we see quite a few would be putting it mildly. Pelicans, Great Tailed Grackles, Double Crested Cormorants, Blue Herons – so many wonderful and beautiful species surround us you may even have to compete with some for the best spot by the pool!

Of course, if you spend the majority of your time beneath the waves while you’re at Blackbird, you wouldn’t be the first. You tend to run into fewer flying friends when you’re swimming with the fish 😉

But if you’d like to watch some spectacular feathered wildlife while you’re here all you’ll have to do is keep your eyes open!

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