The largest and most diverse atoll

Located at the southernmost point of Turneffe Atoll, The Elbow is regarded by many as one of the most diverse and exciting diving spots in the region.

Turneffe Atoll — the largest and most biologically diverse atoll in the western hemisphere — supports a wide range of diverse aquatic species such as the endemic white spotted toadfish and the white lined toadfish. Plentiful sponges and corals provide feeding grounds to endangered animals including the green sea turtle

Due to the location of The Elbow, several strong currents merge from both sides of Turneffe Atoll and meet at a precise location — attracting a huge array of aquatic wildlife, including massive schools of snapper, jacks, mackerels and eagle rays.


Glowing range of colours

Divers are therefore able to swim right into the heart of these schools, becoming completely surrounded by thousands of glistening fish. Barracuda are also attracted to these waters. Their hunting technique is fascinating to observe as the predator lies in wait, suspended in the water before disappearing like a torpedo towards unsuspecting pray.

Sharks are also known to frequent The Elbos but don’t worry — fish are so abundant here divers are not on the menu. Other incredibly large species include the Goliath Grouper, which can grow up to 9 ft (3 meters) in length and weigh as much as 800 pounds (360 kg). These particular fish are no illegal to catch, due to overfishing in the past, and have been placed on the “critically endangered species” list.


A divers paradise

The coral at The Elbow is also awe-inspiring. Gorgonians, a distant cousin of coral, can also be found at the site. These leafless, tree-like underwater bushes sway majestically with the current and as a result are also known as “sea fans” — glowing a range of colours from purple, red and yellow.

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Diving at Blackbird


Is the diving really that good at Blackbird?

“The best vacation we ever had”

For those of you locked up in your office today, here is something to brighten your spirits, consider a trip the ecologically stunning turneffe atoll, the home of Blackbird Caye Resort.

Thinking about booking a holiday with Blackbird Caye Resort? Look no further than the positive reviews we have received on Tripadvisor:

“What a wonderful, different vacation this was for us. We had a smooth travel day flying into Belize and it was easy to find the guide who took us to the dock. Pleasant boat ride over to the island. This place is just gorgeous ~ very different trip from what we’re used to, but a good different.” — ketml

A vacation to remember

‘Blackbird Caye Resort is the best vacation we have ever had. The dive masters and the absolute best, they can and are more than willing to answer any and all questions, offer tips to make your diving more enjoyable, nice and so fun.” — dogynini

“This was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken!. My new husband and I made our visit to Blackbird Caye the second part of our honeymoon and it exceeded all expectations.” — Nancy_Jan_McMillan

“It is more than the beauty and appeal of being so remote. The energy is amazing. This place is rustic and has a small capacity. Between the proximity of the dives and snorkelling, and the moonlight on the sea it is unforgettable. It is an experience, not just a vacation.” — Tripadvisor Member

Hows the service?

“My husband and I spent 4 days at Blackbird and could not have asked for anything beyond what we experienced. The dive staff were very professional and we had the best dive experience of our lives…” — SusanB



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THROWBACK THURSDAYS: Blue Hole from space


Did you know you can see the Blue Hole from space? 5 facts on how this extraordinary geological anomaly was formed.

The Blue Hole is an incredible natural phenomenon and hosts an unparalleled array of fish and coral species. Viewable from space, the structure glows vividly like a turquoise pupil standing alone in the ocean.

Depths plummet 400ft
Depths plummet 400ft

Words cannot even begin to describe the structure’s diverse marine wildlife and divers are able to see all manner of creatures from hammerhead sharks to parrot fish. The coral and stalactites that cling to the walls of the hole merge to create a rich tapestry of bold and brilliant colours.

Here are a few facts that will make you want to pay the famous landmark a visit:

It is housed in the Mesoamerican Reef System — the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere — and located within the Lighthouse Atoll, 43 miles (70 km) off the coast of Belize. It is one of the world’s top ten dive sites as chosen by the great underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

Largest natural formation

Formed as a limestone cave in the last Ice Age, the unique structure is thought to be over 153, 000 years old. This means that some of the very bases of the stalactites and stalagmites are hundreds of thousands of years old!

The Blue Hole is almost perfectly circular and her width reaches 1000 feet (300 meters) across and her depths plummet 400ft (120 meters) deep. She is the largest natural formation of this kind on our planet.

There are 11 underwater caves dotted around the circumference of the Blue Hole, each varying in size and in depth, and house some unbelievable formations within such as stalactites and stalagmites.

At The Blue Hole we take divers to a maximum depth 130 feet (40 meters) for around eight minutes — although the entire dive takes approximately half and hour. However, if there is a good deal of shark activity (which there usually is) — including bull sharks and Caribbean reef sharks — we will stay under for longer, so that guests catch a good glimpse of the underwater predators.

Over 500 rare forms of bacteria and plant life frequent the area that are found nowhere else in the world. You should also ask your tour guide about the Rattail fish found in 2011 when you are diving in Belize.

blue hole3
Take a blue hole adventure

It is difficult to reach unless you possess a very fast speedboat and the local knowledge needed to navigate the seas. Luckily Blackbird has both in spades, so if diving the Blue Hole has ever been on your bucket list, we can take you there.

The Blue Hole Adventure Day leaves every Tuesday and costs US$200 + $40 (Marine Reserve Fee). A minimum of six people is required. Here at Blackbird, you won’t find a more safety conscious dive crew — as a remote resort our standards are incredibly high. We always go one step further to ensure your safety.

Training for the dive takes place on the Monday before to make sure you are fully prepared for the adventure that awaits. Check out the website for further information about

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The results are in for the Blackbird Photo Contest. We would like to congratulate Margot Cox, winner of the Fan Favourite photo!

We hope you enjoy your 4 night stay at Blackbird Caye Resort!

Thank you all that have participated, stay tuned for the Grand Prize Winner .



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For those of you who want to get away, but just can’t leave your homes…


For those of you who want to get away, but just can’t leave your homes…

How can your peaceful morning, incredible sunrise, and beautiful beaches get any better? For many the answer may be to get away but still enjoy the comfort of being at home. Now Blackbird has a new neighbor that you are just going to have to meet.

Perched just a few steps from our full service  resort, just north of the standard cabanas is the very unique Blackbird beach house. The beach house experience includes all amenities to make you feel home away from home! At the Blackbird beach house there is an incredible view of the picturesque reef in the front and the lagoon to the west. This is the perfect environment to host families and small groups. Our unique Blackbird Island home is a one of a kind home and the only one on the island available for rent.


Beach House features:DSC02049
Bedrooms: 4 bedrooms, sleeps 5-8 persons.
Bedroom 1  -  Master room,  very spacious with a king bed, A/C inner wall unit, two night tables, shelving with hangers, a flat screen TV, and a fully equipped and adjoining bathroom.
Bedroom 2- Queen Bed, AC unit, two night tables with shelves.
Bedroom 3- Queen Bed, AC unit, two night tables with shelves.
Bedroom 4- Queen Bed, AC unit, two night tables with shelves.
Bedrooms 1, 2, & 3 share one more fully outfitted bathroom.
Bathrooms: 2
Kitchen & Dining
A fully outfitted kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove, and microwave, complete with closets, drawers and cupboards. Includes: glasses, pots, and other cooking utensils. Dine in the main house or outside on the verandah.
Living room
Large fully furnished open space living room complete with TV (Direct Tv service), stereo, DVD, phone and internet service.
There is a full length front and back patio with lounge chairs and tables, 2 BQ pits, large outdoor fan, solar lights in the sand.
Also included:
  • towels & linens (bath, kitchen, and beach towels)
  • golf cart
  • 3 meals daily
Contact us for pricing today!
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Belizean Weddings at Blackbird!


Belize is renowned for being one of the most adventurous and unique destinations in the world, and Blackbird Resort on the beautiful Turneffe Atoll, surrounded by pristine reefs and lush flora resting on a stunning white sandy beach on the Caribbean Sea, offers a truly Caribbean experience for your special day. This season Blackbird has witnessed a celebration of weddings, engagements, anniversaries, honeymoons and romance.

wed site-1

Personal attention. An Idyllic, tropical and romantic setting. These are just some of the details that make a Belize Wedding so special. The fond memories of this big day last a lifetime. And we love welcoming back couples for anniversary celebrations, and watching their families grow. Our wedding coordinators Marisol and Maggie will help you with every step of the planning to ensure that your day is tailored to your wishes. They can arrange everything from photography to video, flowers to cake, and hairdressers to steel bands.

Erik Smith who married his wife Sherina at Blackbird Resort on April 22nd, 2013 shared his comments with us: “ My wife and I had the most wonderful wedding ceremony at Blackbird Caye on 4/22/13. Paul German and all of the staff were outstanding and went above and beyond to make our special day absolutely perfect. We were so impressed with everything. The arch, flowers, cake, and decorations were incredible. All of the details and arrangements were taken care of and the staff made every effort to ensure that we were happy. We had such a great time together on the island. The cabana was very nice and comfortable, and the food and drinks were excellent. We became certified scuba divers here and had a lot of fun going on several dive trips. We really could not have asked for a better place to get married. Blackbird Caye is the ideal location for a beautiful, romantic beach wedding and honeymoon.”


Beautiful DayWedding CakeMr. & Mrs. Smith


walk downMr. & Mrs. Smith Weddings at Blackbird Resort, Belize

Congratulations again to Erik & Sherina.

Traveling with a larger group? Make Blackbird Caye Resort your Belize Resort for the week!

Dan and Terren also experienced the magic of Belize. Sometimes a wedding looks like soooo much fun, it’s contagious. Like you can’t help but smile, because every last person is grinning from ear to ear, and, well …love is just darn wonderful. This is one of those weddings. A truly fun and beautiful couple we are pleased they selected Blackbird Resort to celebrate their special day. Cheers!

cute emchampagne emcerem1 em-2

nice emjust married emwalkin email

We invite you to explore Blackbird or visit us and see for yourself. Contact us today!

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Blackbird Caye Resort Now Offers Full Island Rentals


Blackbird Caye Resort 2012Blackbird Caye Resort has been a private oasis for over 15 years to couples, families, singles and small groups seeking world-class diving, snorkeling and adventure. Our unique resort offers guests unbelievable beauty and an array of activities that will appease any appetite. While diving has always been the primary attraction to our resort, our island also offers guests a vacation spot like no other. Warm & friendly staff, breathtaking views, modern private cabanas, delectable food and drinks, 2 miles of white sandy beaches and our newly built pool can also satisfy those guests just wanting to relax and unwind in a tropical retreat.

Many group travelers seek a more private venue that allows them to focus on their particular interest, and give them the feeling of exclusivity that our island will certainly provide for them. Always considering ways to offer more choices to our guests, Blackbird Caye Resort now offers full island rentals for such groups. Imagine a private island for just you and your group?

Here is an example of just some of the groups we could accommodate:

  • Dive or Snorkel Groups
  • Kayak Groups
  • Wedding Groups
  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate Incentive Groups
  • Church Retreats
  • Couples Retreats

Our 18 private cabanas can comfortably accommodate 36-40 guests. The possibilities are endless, and our sales team is dedicated to helping group travelers plan their ideal trip from beginning to end with precise detail.  Our island staff is committed to personal service and attention to ensure your group’s every whim is met. Whether it’s adventure, leisure or business Blackbird Caye Resort is equipped to handle any group event.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

bb16Blackbird Caye Resort 2012Blackbird Caye Resort 2012Blackbird Caye Resort 2012


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Dive into Scuba Lessons in Belize at Blackbird Caye Resort


KA3A2462The allure of the ocean is enticing, and wanting to explore its remarkable underwater world is something many people dream of. The sheer wonders of the ocean life you will discover while diving will prove to be absolutely breathtaking and may just become a lifelong hobby. You will experience vivid colors, fascinating creatures and unique plant-life that will give you a true appreciation of another world.

If you’ve ever contemplated learning how to scuba dive, why not incorporate that into a vacation at our tropical paradise? As a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) facility, Blackbird Caye Resort offers all PADI training courses. However, if you don’t want to spend your entire vacation learning, then there are options to give you time to relax and learn.

While many folks want to really get serious about diving, many just want to test the waters (literally!) and see if it is something they want to pursue. That is the beauty of having choices and at Blackbird Caye Resort, we provide our guests with those choices.

Our very popular “Discover Scuba Dive Program” is a non-certification course that simply provides our guests with basic scuba knowledge and is a great introduction into diving:

  • Watch a 30 minute video
  • Spend 1 hour in the pool learning to breathe and do a few skills
  • Do a 40 minute dive in open water to a max depth of 40 feet (based on skill success in the pool) with an instructor

If you’re serious about diving, our dive packages provide our guests with flexibility and choices that will be a perfect fit for anyone.

Open Water I Certification is the main course for becoming a diver. It typically lasts four days and consists of about two days of classroom-style learning, covering all aspects of the physics of diving and equipment, plus two days of hands-on learning, becoming acquainted with the scuba gear in the water and doing simple dives. You can do e-learning prior to arriving at the resort to give you more vacation time!

 Open Water II Certification provides advanced open water learning to further your diving skills, enjoyment and safety. This is a recommended, but strictly optional course and is typically taken after 20 or more dives, giving you time to become totally comfortable underwater on routine dives.

PADI Enriched Air Diver Course is a specialty scuba diving course. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you increased no decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives. To qualify, you must be 15 years or older and have a PADI Open Water certification, or qualifying certification from another organization.

There are 70+ dive sites located near the resort with an average time of 12 minutes to reach them. Some of the popular dive spots you will visit are “The Elbow”, “Calabash Cut”, “West Side Story”, “CoCo Point”, “Al’s Hideout”, and “Oasis”. Offering some of the highest biodiversity in the Caribbean, Turneffe offers a well-developed reef encircling the entire island chain making it the perfect location for divers, snorkelers and kayakers.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

SONY DSCmorning diveshop blogDIGITAL CAMERAaeral with reef



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Romance in Belize – Blackbird Caye Resort’s Wedding and Romance Packages


WeddingNothing is more romantic than the sand, sun and beach. June is the most popular month for weddings because every bride wants sun and warmth on her special day. Blackbird Caye Resort combines the perfect blend of romance and adventure for your wedding in a picture-perfect setting that provides the dream wedding every bride envisions.

Why Choose Blackbird Caye Resort in Belize for Your Wedding Destination?

  • With the warm, tropical climate of our island, weddings can be planned year-round
  • We offer a wedding and honeymoon destination in one
  • Incorporate adventure on your honeymoon with scuba, snorkeling or kayaking just steps from your modern cabana
  • Choose to relax at your leisure – no time clocks
  • All meals are included in the dining room
  • Unprecedented star-gazing at night; see billions of stars from anywhere on our island

The sheer beauty of Belize will take your breath away and provide couples with memories that will never be forgotten. Blackbird Caye Resort is the ideal location for your wedding.

Our Wedding Packages:

Beautiful Beginnings: $3455.00

  • Your very own personal Wedding Coordinator will personally take you through the journey step-by-step
  • Preparation of marriage documents, marriage certificate and affidavits
  • Wedding gift/souvenir from Blackbird Caye Resort
  • Bride’s tropical bouquet and boutonniere
  • Beautiful beachfront island location
  • Ordained Minister to perform at ceremony
  • Hand-woven wedding arch made of tropical foliage and flowers
  • Wedding cake for two

Superior Wedding: $5955.00

  • Everything in the “Beautiful Beginnings” Package
  • Private romantic dinner for two overlooking the Caribbean sea
  • Private round-trip ground transportation
  • Private chartered round-trip air service to and from resort
  • Welcome basket and champagne

Custom Wedding Package:

Our wedding package can be as simple or detailed as you wish. You may add enhancements to your package at additional costs, such as:

  • Professional photography
  • Catering
  • Live music
  • Floral arrangements
  • Tenting
  • Custom wedding cakes
  • Custom linens and decor

NOTE:  Special wedding group rates are also available. Packages do not include resort accommodations and must be booked separately.

wedding02couples holding hands.Champagne Toast

While our resort on its own will have couples glowing in the tropical ambiance of paradise, our Romance Package adds the perfect elements to enhance a couple’s stay with us. It’s the perfect addition for an anniversary, engagement or any special occasion that requires a little something special.

For $375 your Romance Package includes:

  • Arrival to the resort via private charter
  • A welcome champagne toast for the two
  • Your cabana will welcome you with a bottle of wine and seasonal fruits
  • Choice of evening for a private outdoor dinner by the poolside or on the beach

Want more details or have questions? Please Contact Us and we’d be thrilled to assist!

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