Belize Kayaking Safety

Safety Our First Priority

All visitors to Blackbird Resort have the opportunity to enjoy the free use of our kayaks, paddling within close proximity of the resort.

We enjoy being able to offer our guests the freedom to explore on their own, but safety is our FIRST priority. This is why we have certain rules in place which all guests must abide by.

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What are the rules?
When a guest wishes to kayak, he or she MUST sign a “Kayak PaddleBoard Release of Liability Terms & Conditions Form” BEFORE he or she takes the kayak out onto the water. Any guest who rents one of our free kayaks must also sign the kayak back in upon their return to show that it has been returned without any damages.

Signing the kayaks in and out also means that the staff at Blackbird knows exactly where all guests are at all times. Blackbird Caye and Turneffe Atoll are isolated, beautiful places, but they can be dangerous to those unfamiliar with the area, the reef, the water and the surrounding wildlife. Let us protect you by making sure we know where you are and when to expect you to return.

Kayaking is free, but snorkeling is a paid and supervised activity
Please understand that although we provide the kayaks for free, snorkeling is NOT an activity that guests can do without the supervision of our qualified snorkel staff. Guided snorkel trips on boat tours cost $35 and guided kayak snorkel trips costs $40. Guided snorkel trips are the only ways in which guests can snorkel. We cannot be more emphatic about this safety regulation.

Guests sometimes assume that as the kayaks can be taken out for free, without the supervision of one of our guides, that the same applies to the snorkel equipment. Snorkeling on Turneffe Island, without qualified supervision, can be dangerous and we ask all guests to take note of and respect this very simple, but highly important rule.

Why is snorkeling without supervision prohibited?
The Turneffe Atoll is approximately 30 miles (38 km) long and 10 miles (16 km) wide. It’s the largest Atoll in Belize and those who don’t know how to navigate along it run the risk of putting themselves and others in danger.

Belize’s largest American saltwater crocodile population lives on the atoll, inexperienced snorkelers damage the coral without realizing it, sudden changes in the ocean’s depth can cause snorkelers to panic, our snorkeling equipment is expensive and unauthorized use of this equipment can lead to damage and/or loss which can be very costly. Guests who think they can rent kayaks for free and snorkel (without supervision) may have difficulty getting back into the kayak or difficulty flipping the kayak back over. The risk of drowning in these instances is high and not worth taking.

Please, we ask, safety first – always.