Facts & Figures

Touted as one of the top ten dives site in the world by the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, the Blue Hole is a diver’s paradise and one of the great mysteries of the ocean. Belize scuba diving is therefore regarded as some of the finest this planet has to offer.

Located in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll — 13 miles (21 kilometres) east of Turneffe Atoll — the huge submarine sinkhole was formed many millennia ago during the last Ice Age, and is thought to be over 153,000 years old.

The Blue Hole

Perfectly clear, like a giant turquoise pupil staring up at the sky, and viewable from space, the Blue Hole stretches 1000 feet (300 meters) in diameter and plummets depths of up to 400 feet (120 meters). As the largest natural formation of this kind on the planet, the hole hosts an unparalleled array of fish and coral species, many of which are native to Belize.

11 underwater caves are waiting to be explored, each varying in size and depth, and housing unbelievable formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Over 500 forms of bacteria and plant life, found nowhere else in the world, are also on display.

Blackbird takes divers to a max depth of 130 ft (40 meters) for around eight minutes to view an astonishing array of marine wildlife and coral in the clearest of waters. The entire dive takes roughly half an hour.

It is difficult to reach unless you possess a very fast speedboat and the local knowledge needed to navigate the seas. Luckily Blackbird has both in spades, so if diving the Blue Hole has ever been on your bucket list, we can take you there.